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From the Principal

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Teaching and Learning

Over the past twelve months we have been adapting to the new curriculum requirements for WACE courses.  We are also incorporating the use of digital technologies to assist in teaching and learning, and establishing a consistent approach to curriculum and teaching strategies.

I am inviting parents to meet with me to see an overview of how our teaching and learning operates.  See below for the link to RSVP for the meeting.  I would love to see you there.  

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School Pool Discussion

One of our future strategies for Southern Hills Christian College is to investigate the practicality of building a pool on the school premises.  

Swimming is a large part of the wider Australian culture and is a particular sport that many of our students are involved in or would like to be involved in.

I would like to share our vision regarding the possibility of a pool and establish a working group to investigate our options.  The working group will consider possible location, cost and opportunities relating to the pool development.


Uniform and Branding

Over the past twelve months I have had requests to review aspects of the school uniform.   While there has been other priorities in the college, we are now wanting to open a dialogue about our college uniform.  I will be providing an opportunity for consultation with parents to discuss our current uniform.  

To assist in this process I will provide some history and context for our current position:

I am inviting parents to have the opportunity to have input into our uniform discussions.  The intention of the meeting is to share the options we have and to hear feedback from parents. 

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Parent Consultation and Information Meeting


Parents are invited to attend one of two sessions scheduled for next Tuesday 5 April at 3:30 and repeated at 5:00pm or Thursday 7 April at 3.30 and repeated at 5:00pm


  • Teaching and Learning Overview
  • School Pool Investigation
  • Uniform Consultation

The meeting will operate in the library.  However the venue may change depending on attendance.  Please complete the RSVP below for either meeting.


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