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A Culture of Learning

Found in: Principal's Message

I have been reviewing many aspects of our teaching and learning and wish to open a dialogue between teachers, parents and our children about the commitment we have made to each other about teaching and learning.

Our parents have made a commitment to have their children at our college.  As a parent I recognise the value of a high-quality Christian education and understand the sacrifice parents make to ensure the best for their children.

I also know that our staff work hard to ensure the best for our students.  I often see teachers working late at school and see them interacting online well into the late hours.  Teachers regularly run extra-tutorial sessions and regularly go above and beyond.

I am asking that together, we discuss the level of commitment our children demonstrate toward their learning.  Don’t get me wrong!  I know there are many students that work very hard, study long hours and constantly revisit to ensure they have not missed any learning. However I want our students to take their learning seriously;  to seek to mature in their journey of self-managed learning.

To achieve this I am asking our:

Teachers to:

  • Keep homework and study schedules up to date.
  • Open discussions with students and parents when students are falling behind.
  • Assist students in becoming more self-managed and independent.

Students to:  

  • negotiate a homework and study schedule with parents - and then stick to it.  
  • Be open and honest with their parents about game console, social media and Internet time - and negotiate a solution.
  • Negotiate a weeknight lights-out - and stick to it.

Our parents to:

  • Negotiate a homework and study schedule with your child.
  • Hold your child accountable for homework and study.
  • Familiarise yourself on our Online learning tool  and homework calendar.
  • Contact us if you have frustrations of miscommunications.

Over the next three weeks our secondary teachers will be providing revision homework for all subjects in preparation for our upcoming exam periods. You may also like to review our homework policy and guidelines.

Success takes commitment.  The achievements of our graduating classes are the product of many years of teaching and learning and the efforts of students, parents and teachers. Feel free in talking with our staff to discuss any questions you may have.