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Year Twelve Cape to Cape Expedition

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Infamous Cape to Cape

The Southern Hills Christian College year twelve Outdoor Education class, along with their fearless leaders Mr. Pleysier and Mr. Prinsloo, set out to tackle the infamous Cape to Cape hike. 

While it was a daunting undertaking, the group set out with the high hopes of completing the trek in one piece and looked forward to the challenge. 

Some of the highlights of the trip were seeing the Margaret River Pro Surfing Contest, visiting Jewel Cave, and walking on beautiful beaches; pristine and almost entirely untouched in remote locations along the South West coast. We experienced the excitement and buzz of the salmon run and even saw some salmon being chased by sharks in the shallow surf at Smiths Beach.

The trip was not without its challenges. The days were long and tiring with large sections of the trek on soft beach sand. With heavy packs and lots of blisters this was probably the greatest collective hurdle to overcome but with determination - we all prevailed. 

Several students overcame their own stumbling blocks...

Morris Prinsloo


Overcoming the challenges

Several students overcame their own stumbling blocks including dehydration, cold nights, low blood sugar and perhaps most impressively a reef inflicted graze that got so infected a dose of antibiotics was required. Despite these trials and tribulations the hike was a great success with fun had by all. 

Mr. Pleysier and Mr. Prinsloo witnessed some great camaraderie from students who have participated in Outdoor Ed for a number of years with students encouraging and supporting each other along the way. 

It was also great to see the students apply knowledge they have learned over a number of years in real life situations to overcome obstacles, make educated decisions about the route and solve problems as a team. 

So many great moments have made this a fantastic finale to their final year at Southern Hills Christian College and Outdoor Education.