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Semester Two Timetable On Time

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Over the past term college staff have been working to create a timetable to make best use of teaching and learning time.  

After consultation with staff and students we have prepared a timetable that endeavours to meet the expectations of students and caters for the logistics of teacher availability.

The term three timetable has some distinct benefits.  Firstly the ‘A’ and ‘B’ stream subjects for secondary classes run in the same period for all year levels.  This provides opportunity for collaboration between classes and flexible movement for students.

Secondly, all subjects are now running with staff teaching in their learning area.  This means the most qualified teachers are teaching in their designated learning areas.  This has been made possible with the careful selection of new teachers coming into the college.

All student breaks will also occur at the same time.  The advantage of this change means students on breaks will not be disrupting students in classes and teaching times between primary and secondary classes can operate effectively.

Practical changes required with this change include a separate line for primary and secondary students for the canteen.  It also means that primary and secondary students will have their own toilet areas.

We have also introduced supervised study periods for upper secondary students.  This has been strongly supported by our secondary students and we look forward to seeing positive results.

Secondary students have received a hardcopy of semester two timetable.  Parents are able to view the timetable online by clicking here.