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Principal's Couch

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Southern Hills Christian College appears to be one of the southern metropolitan area’s best kept secrets.

Many of the parents visiting our college often say they didn’t know the college was here.  Almost all families visiting for the first time are taken by the breath-taking environment that our staff and students are blessed with on a daily basis.

As I draw to the end of my first year at Southern Hills Christian College, I am more convinced that we have one of the most amazing and unique schools in Western Australia.  The college offers a huge range of options for students and has a committed and highly qualified staff.  

But Southern Hills offers so much more.  The pastoral care provided by staff takes a unique and relational approach that impacts into the spiritual, social and academic life of our students.  It was wonderful to see the genuine adult regard and care our year twelve students and our senior teachers shared with at the recent celebration evening.  Care and respectful relationships like that do not happen by accident.

It has also been wonderful to see our teachers committing to the success of our students learning.  Many students participate in small or individual tutorials with staff outside of school hours.  This genuine care of students is provided by staff in their own time.

The level of professional expertise demonstrated by our outdoor education team has brought adventure activities, that are normally way outside the grasp of schools, to a regular part of our school program.  This was highlighted to me when I participated in the year eleven camp this year.  Our students participated in surfing, sailing, mountain-bike riding, caving and abseiling off a 40 metre cliff.  This was just the year eleven camp.  The outdoor education students then continued on the popular Cape to Cape hike.

While we are moving into a new growth stage for our school I am reminded of three things.  Firstly, God has provided an amazing place with amazing people for the purpose of growing young people with an understanding of His purpose for them. Secondly, growing a school is more about us endeavouring to provide the best possible environment for student learning rather than growing student numbers.  Lastly, a successful school is based on relationships between parents, students and teachers.

We have been sharing about Southern Hills Christian College through a range of social and formal medias.  However I would ask that our parents and students actively become the voice to our wider community.  Please share your experiences with others, encourage us when we get things right and be honest with us when we get things wrong.

For our students, the way you interact with others; the way you demonstrate respectful and obedient behaviour; the way you think in the spirit of ‘other-person centredness’; you are the demonstration of how successful we are at growing young people.