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One of the values that we seek to instil in our students in persistence.  

Persistence is described as a person’s willingness to pick themselves up after a failure, dust themselves off and continue for toward the goal.  However persistence needs to be more than an admirable character trait.  The persistent character operates through self-discipline.  It is one’s ability to pursue what is right despite temptations to abandon it.  The visible attributes of self-discipline include perseverance, restraint, and endurance.  

Our children develop their sense of self and identity from the people around them.  In this regard, our roles as parents and teachers are important; particularly in showing our children what it means to have self-discipline and to demonstrate persistence.  For me personally I endeavour to do what I have promised my son or daughter.  Although I regularly fail, I seek to demonstrate the self-discipline of doing what I promise or finishing what I have started.

Study Periods and Life and Living

To this end, we are developing a teaching and learning program that will train our students in the areas of self-discipline and persistence.  We are hoping our students will grow into young adults that are able to regulate themselves more and more, develop a repertoire of tools that can assist them in planning, organising and self-management.


In week five, we will be facilitating two parent meetings. The Futures Options session will provide year nine and ten parents and students some options relating to subject selections for year eleven in 2016 and 2017.  The college is currently investigating courses in year eleven and twelve that will provide a wider variety of certificate and vocational subjects.

The second session is available for all college parents.  During Future Vision, I will be presenting a roadmap for the next few years at Southern Hills Christian College.  The session will provide parents information about our short and medium plans that will provide stability, quality and engagement for our students.

We will also be sharing briefly about our new initiative to provide undergraduate studies in primary education through the Swan Christian Education Association Institute of Teaching and Learning.

The sessions will run for approximately 30 minutes each and will be duplicated at 4.00pm and 6.30pm to allow parents two options for attending.  Parents will be able to talk casually with staff after the sessions over a tea or coffee.

I am very excited to be working with you as we share some of our planning and future directions with you.