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Principal's Couch

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One could definitely be excused for feeling a little tired after term two.  

After revisiting the school calendar and seeing all the things that been accomplished at our college over the past semester, it is easy to see why parents, teachers and students are all looking forward to that refreshing break.

However I would also like to bring all the things happening behind the scenes to your attention… the things that often go unseen.  Our primary staff have been developing a consistent school-wide curriculum structure for literacy and numeracy.  Our secondary staff have been just as busy adjusting to the new Curriculum Council year eleven WACE standards; and our VET staff have been considering a wider range of options for non-WACE subjects.

Our administration team have been working hard to improve communication to parents, building a new structure to the school timetable and adapting to a new reporting system.

All this hard work is focused around providing the most outstanding, unique and varied opportunities for your child.

Four new staff commence with us in term three.  We wish our staff leaving best wishes as they return home, prepare for a new baby or enjoy retirement.  The introduction of new staff provides an opportunity to rejuvenate school activities with innovative and fresh ideas.  We are excited to welcome our new teachers.  The new teaching profile now provides us with some excellent advantages to the student timetable and the teachers come with a wide range of experience and expertise.  We hope you will make them feel welcome over the coming weeks.

May God richly bless you and your family during the break and I look forward to starting semester two with you with energy and enthusiasm.