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Munda Biddi Trail Moving Moments

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Year ten outdoor education students recently participated in a three day mountain biking expedition on the Munda Biddi Trail travelling from Jarrahdale to Pickering Brook.

On Wednesday 29 July fourteen students and three staff drove south along Albany Highway amid omnious thick cloud and heavy rain. The rain cleared and expectation grew as to what other mountain moving moments may lie ahead.

Over sixty five kilometres were traversed across the jarrah forest of the Darling Scarp with some gruelling uphill sections, followed by exhilarating downhill rides and awe inspiring scenery. The bikes, loaded with panniers were full of food, water and equipment for each day, which made riding more of a challenge than usual. Students cooked their own food, managed their daily provisions and slept in close quarters to each other in the huts provided along the Munda Biddi Trail - snoring was an optional extra, provided by both students and teachers alike.

The expedition was the culmination of the term’s program on mountain biking, camping and expedition skills.  

‘You learn so much about people that you never talk to,’ said Alex Button, 'I was really sad when we left camp. I loved it so much. I learnt I can ride a lot further than I thought’.

Participating year twelve students were also given several opportunties to develop their leadership and work towards their ATAR course requirements.

At times it was a gruelling three days, as students were unaccustomed to the added weight on the back of the bike.

‘It was exhausting, but really fun,’ commented Sarah Linden.

During one of the night time debrief session, Mr. ‘C’ related how in life we often carry negative character traits that become a burden, preventing us from being all who God created us to be. This ‘extra baggage’ is a bit like our full panniers, making the ride of life that much more challenging. At the end of the discussion students were invited to throw away a rock that they had carried during the previous twenty four hours. This symbolised the letting go of this ‘extra baggage’ that we all carry at times during  our life. 

The participating students are commended for taking on the mountain on the track and for learning to accomodate others.

Thanks also to Mr. Prinsloo, Mr. ‘C’, Ms. Kelly, Mr. Smith and the year twelve assistant leaders for facilitating this fantastic opportunity for the year ten outdoor education students.