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Emergency Services Cadets - Week 3

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

On Wednesday the cadets group had our inaugural floorball tournament. The teams were made from our six cadet sections. Each team played against the others in a round robin tournament, with six-minute games. At the conclusion of the round robin section, the top two teams played off in the final, Section 3 and Section 6, with the latter taking home the chocolates. To finish the afternoons activities, we had a sausage sizzle and a cool drink before heading home. 

At 530, some lucky cadets jumped in the bus with Mr Pleysier, Mrs Hasluck and Mr Chapman and drove out to the Baldivis Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services Station. While there, we split into two groups and were taken on a tour of the facilities, including the comms room, the equipment sheds and then out to see the different trucks/cars that are used to fight fires or perform rescue operations. We got to meet the Captain of the station and four other volunteer firefighters. Seeing the large rescue/firefighting truck was a highlight. We were able to climb through the back of the cab to see the instrument panel, look through the storage areas at the specialized equipment and ask many questions about how they go about their work. To conclude the night the station put on another sausage sizzle for us! All cadets and instructors enjoyed the night and are thankful for the opportunity to visit some local heroes.