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Emergency Services Cadets - Term 4 - Week 2

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

Another glorious day and an excellent start to Cadets. This special week we have the privileged of hosting Emmanuel Christian Community School (ECCS) cadets.

The day started with Mr. Prinsloo welcoming the cadets from ECCS and informing all cadets about the day’s exciting program. He also highlighted about next week programs for each section.

As the day progress at the oval, there were so much excitement and fun. SHCC Cadets were able to make ECCS cadets feel at home. They were working hard together in different groups playing “Capture the Flag”, “Water bomb fight” and “4-Way Tug-of-War” 

At the end of the games, one of the cadets from ECCS came forward to thank SHCC cadets for the SHCC experience and ideas that they will bring back for their own cadet unit. We celebrated the end of the day with sausage sizzles.

Well done SHCC cadets!