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Emergency Services Cadets in week 8

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

It’s Olympic Week!!

The day started with some basic drills with Mr Vallance.

After the drills, Mr Chapman gave instructions to the cadets on how the Olympic Games is being played. 

There was a total of 14 stations:

Station 1 – Bean Bag Toss            

Station 2 – Suck it Up

Station 3 – Ping Pong Bounce

Station 4 – Apple stacks
Station 5 – Cookie Unicorn

Station 6 - Elephant March

Station 7 – Coin Drop 

Station 8 – AliPlate Tower

Station 9 – Free Throws

Station 10 Water Run

Station 11 Card Toss

Station 12 Face the cookie

Station 13 Wall Push Ups

Station 14 Paper Wasps

The cadets had lots of fun, won prizes and we ended the activities at 5.30 pm.

1-2.jpg    4-2.jpg