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Emergency Services Cadet news

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

nother fantastic turnout by all the cadets this week despite the bad weather. Due to the weather conditions, we were able to do training with the cadets.

The day started with some Mr Vallance going through some basic drills.


After the drills, each section or group was assigned into classrooms to work on different areas of training:

 Section 1 – Safe Operation (Stream 5)



Section 2 - Search and Rescue (Stream 6)


Section 3 - Induction (Stream 1)


Section 4 - First aid (Stream 2)


Section 5 - Fire Safety (Stream 3)


New cadets/Section 6 - Water safety (Stream 4)                  


Level III Senior Cadets (Training)


Before dismissing the cadets, Mr Prinsloo reminded cadets about the end of term Laser Tag that is being held in SHCC.