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Emergency Services Cadet News - Week 2

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

Last Wednesday our cadets participated in 3 different activities.

To start with Mr Chapman took Section 1 & 2 to do some radio communication training. He taught them about the importance of clear and accurate communication when using radios. As part of this he taught them the Phonetic Alphabet which helps radio operators to communicate when radio signals are poor. After the radio communication training the cadets helped with the schools’ bush fire preparation by pruning some of the bushes that are close to school buildings.

It was Section 3 & 4’s turn to go out and do community service. So they headed off to Camillo to help a lady with gardening and cleaning her gutters. When we arrived the lawn was almost knee deep in the front and back yards so some whippa snipping was required before we could get the lawn mower working. The cadets work extremely hard to clean the gutters, pull out the weeds from the overgrown garden beds and even a few weeds out of the gutters.

Mr Prinsloo ran a “Cook Off” competition with Section 5 &6. Cadets were asked to form small groups of 3 or 4 and they were given some set ingredients and also access to a “pantry” of extra ingredients that they could choose from. They then needed to come up with their own recipe and cook a main meal using a Trangia Stove and then present it to the judges for tasting. The winning group of Jack, Munashe and Ben were awarded the perpetual Master Chef Potato Masher Trophy.

Thanks to all the instructors who organised and helped with running the activities.