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Emergency Service Cadet Camp

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Approximately 150 cadets from all over the state joined together in Busselton recently for a four-day training camp. The group included cadets from Southern Hills Christian College.

Cadets undertook training activities but also found time for some fun despite starting at 5 am every morning with physical training on the oval. Training included firefighting techniques with fire blankets, fire extinguishers and fire truck water drills. They also learned how to roll out fire hoses and connect them to the fire engines, gained skills and knowledge in SES search and stretcher carry techniques as well as first aid response knowledge and practical skills.  

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A morning was spent learning how to use mechanics to advantage, moving a light water tanker across the oval with pulleys water rescue on the Busselton foreshore in conjunction with the Volunteer Marine Rescue Group. A paramedic was winched from the Heli had the opportunity to meet the crewman and discuss their experience and careers as paramedics and pilots.

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The climax of the camp took place on Sunday evening when combined knowledge and experience can together in a simulated rescue scenario involving a fire caused by an “airplane crash”.  The scenario included the plan flying into the nearby dormitories and causing significant damage to the buildings and people inside.

There were 65 “casualties” who wore make up to simulate injuries and the remaining cadets enacted the rescue.

Fire fighters arrived to extinguish the fire and move the plane out of the scene with pulleys, SES personnel searched through dorms and the oval and rescued casualties. These casualties were moved to the makeshift triage/field hospital where their wounds and injuries were cared for.

The whole weekend was a fantastic learning experience, a lot of fun and the cadets gained a better understanding of the work our DFES and emergency response teams undertake. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event and look forward to taking another team of Cadets to a similar training in the future.

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