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Campfire Cooking – Cadets Style

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

It was lovely weather to be building a campfire. Cadets met in the gym first to go through the marching drills then they converged around the campfire, which was already roaring.

Six tables were set out, three housed the cans of baked beans, spaghetti, butter, bread, pie-making apples, custard, butter knives and boards. The other three had boards on them to place the hot irons on so that the tables did not get burnt. At this stage, the marshmallows were well hidden, assigned for dessert.

As the cadets gathered around the warm fire, Mr. Pleysier instructed them on safety as well as the method of placing the slices of bread, buttered side onto the iron for lubrication. Following this, the cadets then top the slices with their chosen filling before closing the irons together. They were to then take the closed jaffle maker to the fire, turning them constantly so that both sides toasted well, before bringing the ready jaffles to the allotted table to pry open and remove the yummy morsel inside. 

For over a hundred young people, surrounding a campfire seemed an impossible feat, not to mention cooking on it. Yet, all went smoothly, including the toasting of marshmallows at the end of sticks. Many went back for seconds and thirds and much fun was had by all.

Even clean-up was a smooth transaction, everyone helping to put the rubbish in bins, wipe down the tables and take the left-overs to the shed for storage. Cadets went home with something yummy in their stomachs and an unforgettable experience for recount around the dinner table.