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Campfire Challenge

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

The Red Cross Cadets were set a "two stick fire starter challenge".

The aim of this challenge was to successfully start a fire without the use of conventional lighting techniques (matches/lighter). Cadets were invited to bring elements that may help them to start a fire. 

  • No accelerants or flammable items were to be included.
  • Group work was encouraged.
  • The aim of the challenge was to use one of the two stick techniques or one deriving of this.


Prizes were awarded to all members of a team for:

    • First kindling ignited
    • Most imaginative technique
    • Perseverance

The cadets came up with various creative ideas from using lemons as batteries, creating wood twisting devices and finding the best kindling they could.

It was fun challenge that ended with a delicious activity of creating their own Jaffles. 

Campfire Challenge

Campfire Challenge