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Cadets hold Mini Olympics!

Found in: Emergency Services Cadet News

At cadets on Wednesday afternoon, we competed in a mini-Olympics. 

We selected groups of 8-10 cadets and completed 12 challenged together to try and come out as the best team. Mr Vallance acted as the MC and DJ with some really cool music to encourage us to participate.

Some of the activities included;

  • Apple Stacks – See how many apples we could stack in a single column and let it free stand for at least 10 seconds. 
  • Traffic Yam – We had to complete in a relay where we had to move a sweet potato between cones, using just our heads. 
  • Wall sits – As a team see how long we could complete a full wall sit, only 2 cadets could do 4 minutes!
  • Coin drop – Placing a 20cent coin between our knees, walk/jump about 6 metres and try to drop it into a cup without using our hands.

In the end the winning teams were really close on points with the top 3 teams separated by only 17 points total! Everyone had a great time. Special thanks to our leaders for organising a fun afternoon.

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