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2024 Secondary AFLX and Soccer Competition

Our school teams recently participated in the Secondary SEAS (South Eastern Associated Schools) AFLX/Soccer Competition held at Mills Park in Beckenham. Blessed with perfect weather, the day was filled with excitement and determination.

The boys’ soccer team impressed everyone by scoring in every match they played. Despite facing some tough opponents and conceding more goals than they scored, their unwavering spirit and exemplary sportsmanship were evident throughout the competition. Their dedication to the game and each other shone brightly.

On the other hand, the girls’ AFLX team experienced a slow start but quickly gained momentum. As the matches progressed, they seamlessly integrated their skills and adopted a strong offensive strategy. Their perseverance paid off as they secured victory in every game, ultimately emerging as the champions of the 2024 AFLX competition.

Congratulations to both the boys’ and girls’ teams for their outstanding performances. Their hard work, dedication, and teamwork brought glory to God and made us all immensely proud. The spirit and commitment displayed by these young athletes were truly inspiring and a testament to their character. Here’s to celebrating their success and looking forward to more achievements in the future!