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New Building Development Announcement

After months of planning from architects and consultation with key stakeholders, Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) is preparing to welcome six new classrooms to its Middle School Learning Centre on our Bedfordale campus. We have now obtained approval for our Commonwealth Grants Application (CGA) this week.

The total build cost of the project is expected to be more than $3 million dollars however, the CGA contribution of $1.425 million and another government contribution (yet to be confirmed) promise to offset the building costs considerably for our College, which has hit record enrolment numbers this year.

Southern Hills student leaders Zachary and Hannah stood on the new site for the buildings this week with Principal Mr Paul Beacham, who has waited a long time for this project to become a reality.

“We have not had any substantial building works on our campus since the gymnasium was built in 2008 with the Building Education Revolution (BER) funds supplied by the Rudd government,” said Mr Beacham.

“It has been a considerable process to reach this point, and I am very grateful to the SCEA team and the excellent consultants who have worked tirelessly on this submission for our students and future generations of Southern Hills families.”

The buzz around the Southern Hills campus was lively this week, with staff donning Christmas attire to celebrate the growth and success of their efforts in Christian education in 2022.

We look forward to sharing the progress of the new building project with our College community in 2023!

The new classroom block will allow for six new learning areas, staff offices and a common area.