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Kick Start is a play-based three year old kindergarten programme that encourages children’s development in all areas includ­ing mathematics, literacy, science and health concepts.



Who Looks After My Child?

A qualified teacher and teacher assistant staff the Kick Start programme.  All staff at Southern Hills Christian School are required to be regular attendees of a Christian church and able to support the Christian ethos of the school.  

How old does my child need to be to attend the Kick Start programme?

The program is available for children who have turned three before June 30 in the enrolling year.  While our caring staff will be able to assist children with mishaps, your child will need to be toilet-trained before commencing the programme.

What happens if my child has never been in care before?

The two-day programme will transition over three weeks.  In week one of the new school year Kick Start kids will attend for one half day.  Parents will be able to stay for a short time and be part of the new programme.

Week two will operate on half and one full day, and week three will transition to two full days.

If you have any concerns regarding the transition, you may arrange extended transition days with the Kick Start teacher.

What days will the Kick Start programme operate?

Kick Start currently operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How do I enrol?

Families may complete an online expression of interest form or contact the enrolments officer for further information.

New school families will be asked to meet with the principal for an interview.  This provides parents with an opportunity to tour the school and ask any questions.

Is my child guaranteed a place in the four year old kindergarten programme in the following year?

Yes, you will be offered a place in our four year old kindergarten.  You will be asked to accept and formalise your four year old enrolment later in the year.

What should my child wear?

Kick Start students wear a Kick Start tee-shirt which will be available through the uniform shop. This simple uniform will allow us to visually identify our Kick Start kids and minimise paint damage to other clothes.  Parents may select appropriate pants and shoes.

What are the Kick Start Fees?

The Kick Start program cost is $700 per term for the two full days.  

Why is this a similar cost to four year old kindergarten?

Unlike four year-old Kindergarten, three-year old programs do not receive any state or federal funding.  We have endeavoured to keep the three year old fees as low as possible.  There are no enrolment fees or applications fees for the Kick Start Program.