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Vision and Philosophy

Teaching and Learning

Southern Hills Christian College staff are well-qualified, professional Christian educators who uphold and promote Christian values throughout their teaching. The staff represent a range of different church denominations but all share the same foundational beliefs. Through this we are able to enjoy a school environment and operational fabric that reflects a strong traditional set Christian values and beliefs while still focusing the educational success of all students in our care. 


Southern Hills Christian College is dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence. 

In reflecting on this we believe that excellence is a journey and not a destination, with a continual review and focus on improvement. We aim to see our students take up the challenge of striving for excellence across all that they do. Our staff are thrilled when our students demonstrate their best, whatever this might be. 

Additionally the use of the words ‘educational excellence’ also reflects our understanding that schooling is a multifaceted process.  While we have a strong focus on academic excellence, this is balanced by a careful emphasis on relationships and Biblical values that will guide our students through life and help them to reach their God-given potential by making good, ethical choices.

Core Shared Values

In a rapidly changing world, Southern Hills Christian College attempts to reflect and have our students demonstrate a set of core shared values. These values are coached and developed in a supportive educational environment that acknowledges Christ’s leadership.


At Southern Hills Christian College we aim to encourage students to develop attitudes that are “others focused".

Serving others and putting the needs of others first is a learned skill and a wonderful way for a community to operate. We encourage our students to consider the needs of others when making their decisions and many of the programs the students are engaged in teach these skills through practical application. 

Our ties to the Red Cross Association also reflect this desire, with their objectives fitting well with the ethos of our school. Our students are encouraged to take up opportunities to assist others less fortunate than themselves. This is also the focus of the senior leadership where students are encouraged to model their leadership style on those biblical examples provided by Christ.