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Southern Hills Christian College has a unique opportunity to provide for the educational needs for all students across all years of school education. This comprehensive approach allows great flexibility and innovation in the daily structure of the College. A wide range of highly skilled teachers are available for all students and specialist facilities traditionally only found with senior age groups are able to be accessed across all years of schooling.

The mix of younger and older students across the same school site also provides great civic opportunities with the youngsters of the school being provided with senior role models to aspire to. For our older students, the presence of younger students provides the opportunity for everyone to demonstrate the maturity and responsibility we expect of our youth. It is a great learning environment for all. 

Where possible, we incorporate the use of computer-based learning with network and mobile computing access available in classrooms. In addition, students can participate in computing as a whole class with access from several dedicated computing laboratories and mobile computing banks within the college.
All staff are encouraged to support and pastor the students within their care, and a ‘zero tolerance for bullying’ policy ensures a safe and supportive environment for all.

Primary Schooling

Our Early Childhood Program commences with four year olds and supports the identification of each student’s learning style. Our staff implement a range of programs that are appropriate to support all children and when extra support is required, especially within the early years, a number of specialist consultant and teaching staff are available to discuss your child’s specific learning needs. 
Kindergarten and Pre-Primary aged students learn through the dedicated staff in the Early Learning Centre before moving into the Primary School for Years 1 through 6. Students enjoy a traditional primary school approach to education throughout these years with a regular classroom teacher and the same classroom for the majority of their learning. 

The primary school teaching program is complimented by a number of courses conducted by visiting specialist teachers. Currently these include Music, Japanese Language, Physical Education and Library skills. All staff utilize a number of different resource materials in their class with a whole school approach to the use of curriculum materials in the key areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Christian Education. At all times the teaching staff will work from a Christian point of view and provide opportunity for students to explore and establish their own beliefs. 

Middle School

Our students enjoy an established Middle School program for Years 7 through 9 which we believe greatly aids the transition for students as they progress towards more traditional secondary schooling. The middle school model we embrace is constructed around the establishment and maintenance of effective working relationships between staff, students and parents. To this end we minimize the movement of students around the school and minimize the number of teaching staff that the students work with in any one year. This is sequenced so that students are well prepared for the traditional schooling model we embrace for year ten through to year twelve.

In the middle school years all students enjoy the opportunity to clearly understand the schools behavioral expectations and acceptable classroom and school yard culture. As the students become older they are increasingly accountable for their actions and are encouraged at all times to choose to work within the expected norms of satisfactory behavior.  

Upper School

We consider Years 10 through 12 to be our Upper Secondary students and we regularly enjoy visits by our past students, our “Year 13’s” when they call by or help out with college functions. 

In year ten a large amount of work goes into liaising closely with parents and students to determine the students course selections for the important final two years of schooling. A wide range of subjects is available to all students at Southern Hills Christian College. From these courses we enjoy seeing students succeed with university entrance as well as work placement and further studies through TAFE and trade / training opportunities. In the last four years we have enjoyed 100% graduation rates with all students meeting the requirements for successful graduation.