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Working hand in hand with the aim of the College are a number of mission opportunities that exist in a school of this nature. However, the mission’s success is wholly dependent on the continued educational success of the school. The mission and aim of the school are therefore thoroughly intertwined.

As a Christian staff we rejoice at the chance to share from a biblical perspective with students and provide opportunity for students to investigate their own personal faith. We celebrate with those who develop a personal relationship with God while at school. 

For those students who know God, Southern Hills Christian College strives to encourage students to learn about their own unique gifting. We look to promote a heart of service towards others and encourage students to engage in a life of meaningful service for God. We plan and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate a willingness to serve throughout the school. Pen pals, support of struggling communities and the Red Cross Cadet’s specific focus of community service teach and promote this. Senior student leadership is modeled around the leadership qualities of Christ with our oldest students working with churches and the school in various service opportunities both in Western Australia and Internationally.