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Southern Hills Christian College is an independent school owned and operated by the Swan Christian Education Association.

It is our endeavour to provide an affordable Christian education while maintaining a high standard of quality teaching and learning.

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How are our fees calculated?

Fees are calculated on the difference between the cost of the education per student and the cost of operating the college, less the funding provided by our State and Federal Government.

These costs vary between year groups.  For example, there is currently no government funding available for three-year old kindergarten.  There is a funding component from the State Government for four-year old kindergarten and both state and federal funding for pre-primary.  Therefore the cost of three-year old kindergarten is similar to four-year old and full-time pre-primary.

How is the college funded?

Currently State and Federal Government funding provides for approximately 65% of the actual cost of educating a student in independent schools.  This means parents contribute approximately one-third of the cost represented as school fees.

This funding model provided by the government has the advantage of allowing parents an affordable choice in the selection of a school for their children.

Currently over 46% of students in Australia are educated in independent schools.  A one-third contribution from parents represents a considerable saving for the State and Federal Government.

Is there an application or enrolment fee?

Southern Hills Christian College does not charge an application fee.  However once a parent accepts an enrolment offer there is a once of family enrolment fee. The fee covers the administration costs associated with an enrolment.  There is no further enrolment or application fee for subsequent children.

Are there any other fees?

There is an annual building fund contribution which is charged per student.  This charge contributes to the maintenance and future buildings associated with our college.  Parents are also able to voluntarily donate to the building fund.

Is there a discount for more than one child?

Yes! Parents with more than one child attending the college receive a discount for all subsequent children.  

Can I seek financial assistance?

Yes!  Our college fee structure provides a discount for families with some Pension cards. Please refer to the SCEA website for further fee informations and FAQs.

How do I enrol my child?

Click here to submit an online enrolment enquiry.  Our enrolments officer will be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively please feel free to contact the school office for more information.


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